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nexTUNE, Inc.

Natalie DuKane

2000 124th Street
Bellevue, WA 98005-
Phone Number (206) 319-5088 120
Fax (425) 861-7368
Email 881be425-4687-4c13-9357-2dd04cdc7b05
Company Description

NEXTUNE is an online streaming music service licensed for business use. We offer curated music programming specifically designed for a variety of business environments such as retail stores, restaurants, bars, offices, medical centers and hotels. We use our patented Bio-Rhythm technology to create playlist arrangements that result in an uplifting, positive experience for consumers while waiting, dining and shopping.

Music for your business has never been easier. The NEXTUNE APP exclusively available on the iOS APP Store, comes with over 150 music channels that target specific business environments like restaurants, spas, retail stores and hotels. Subscription packages start at just $19.99!

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