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Internet www.darpro.com
Company Description

We have always been committed to providing quality service to the food processing industry and offering critical and environmentally safe solutions for the disposal of the inedible byproducts they generate. When Darling International and Griffin Industries joined operations, we realized an incredible opportunity to serve our customers even more efficiently. DAR PRO Solutions, a Darling / Griffin Brand was the result. Under the banner of this single brand, our rendering operations and restaurant services continue to bring our customers the best-in-class products, services and expertise, with complete national coverage, in the most streamlined and efficient manner in the industry today. In addition to our rendering and restaurant services, we also operate facilities for bakery waste recycling and renewable fuels production.

Our rendering service collects inedible byproducts from the food processing chain and recycles it into fat, protein and hide products used by commercial manufacturers worldwide.
Learn more at our new website www.darpro.com

Restaurant Services

Cooking Oil Removal – Safe, easy and good for the environment – our professionals remove used cooking oil from your facility so it can be transformed into something new!

Used Oil Storage Systems – Darling’s Cleanstar® line and Griffin Industries’ B.O.S.S. Space Saver are safe, easy and clean options for removing used cooking oil from your fryer to our truck – virtually hands free.

Grease Trap Service – Our trained specialists clean your grease traps regularly and keep your kitchen in compliance – avoiding potential fines and costly downtime.
To learn more about the used cooking oil removal and grease trap services we provide to restaurants and supermarkets, please visit our website www.darpro.com

National Services Center
With a single point of contact, Darling offers national service, service management, and web-based records management - 24/7 - to both our rendering and restaurant chain customers.

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